• Model:Industrial router SLM730
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  • Updated:2016-01-08


Product description

Product Model:SLM730
●Supports 3G/4G module, SIM card, Plug and Play
●Provides intelligent anti-dropping network and protects your network from password stealing attack
●Change SSID name and password yourself
●Supports multiple operating modes: 4G/PPPOE/Dynamic IP/Static IP/Repeater mode
●Provides built-in firewall and supports a wide variety of network protocols
●Provides 4*5dBi Dual band High Gain Antennas: 2*4G+2*2.4G
●Hiding SSID and multiple encryption methods protect your privacy
●Powerful cooling system allows 360*24 h running
●Completely robust  function of router , supports multiple Internet access methods: automatic allocation, specified IP, PPPOE
●Support 4G backup network, seamlessly switch to 4G network when wired disconnection, and can automatically detect wired recovery
hardware specifications
master controlMTK MT7628NN
radio frequencyMTK MT7620N(2.4GHz,2T2R)
internal storage8M ROM + 128M RAM
network interface3x10/100M LAN
1x10/100M WAN
antenna2X5dBi external 2.4G antenna, 2X5dBi external 4G antenna
push-buttonA Reset switch
pilot lampNetwork indicator, wireless indicator, 4G indicator, WAN(1),LAN (3)
SIM interface1 SIM card 
1 SIM card JackDC:9V-24V
size/weight260 x 135 x40mm /265g
Packing size/weight330x 280x 47mm/570g
wireless rateUp to 300Mbps, 2T2R (MIMO)
working frequency band2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
Wireless standardIEEE 802.11 b/g/n
transmitting power16±2 dBm(802.11g-54Mbps)
receiving sensitivity11n : -68dBm@10% PER
11g : -70dBm@10% PER
11b: -86dBm@8% PER
Software features
Setup wizardProvide quick usage configuration guidance
work pattern bridge pattern
Gateway mode (routing mode)
Wireless cable mode
Wireless client mode
3G/4G mode
running staterunning state
LTE state
DHCP list
Network data statistics
LTE settingAPN setting
Network mode
network settingsWide area network setting
Local area network setting
Wireless settingBasic settings
Advanced setting
List of wireless clients
Quality of ServiceSet QOS rule to limit speed based on IP address. 
firewallNetwork filtering
Port forwarding
URL filtering
DMZ host
installation management Administrator setup
system log 
Firmware upgrade
installation management 
System restart
hardware interface
LAN1-WAN:Standard 100 megabytes RJ 45 interface.
R reset key:All LED lights flicker after a long press for 5 seconds, and then restart. The reduction was successful.
SIM card slot:Press slot, using Micro SIM specification.
DC power interface:DS power interface: using 2.1mm round head power interface, positive and negative inside and outside, input voltage range 9 ≤ 24 V, power greater than 9W.
USB power interface: using micro 5pin general USB input voltage 5V
2.4G/4G antenna interface:SMA external rotating inner hole.
LED indicator indicates
name (of a thing or organization)statusdescribe
4GChangliangModule dialing success
Long deathModule dialing failed
twinkleModule dialing
FlashDevice restore default settings
Slow flashEquipment upgrade
LAN3-LAN1ChangliangSuccessful connection
Long deathconnectionless 
twinkleConnect successfully and generate data
FlashDevice restore default settings
Slow flashEquipment upgrade
WIFIChangliangWireless network starts normally
Long deathThe wireless network is not started or shut down
twinkleThe wireless network is started and the data is generated
FlashDevice restore default settings
Slow flashEquipment upgrade
WANChangliangSuccessful connection
Long deathconnectionless 
twinkleConnect successfully and generate data
FlashDevice restore default settings
Slow flashEquipment upgrade
internetChangliangThe router is connected to the Internet
Long deathThe router is not connected to the Internet
FlashRestore default settings
Slow flashEquipment upgrade

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